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Kevin, Tony, John and Brian together with their wives, all met up at a villa in Central France in 2008 for several reasons. Firstly to all have a good and well deserved holiday; secondly, to discuss the possibilities of getting back together to write and record some new material, which they have since done. The results of this can be heard on the fantastic CD ” BELIEVING IN DREAMS ” which is available only via this website. All of the tracks have been recorded at ‘Lakeside Studios’, which is John’s own baby.

Early in 2009, Tony, Sue, John and Teresa went to Scotland for a week and stayed at Kevin and Eve’s house. Whilst they were there, they managed to write a few more songs and put down some vocals on some of the tracks that they had started earlier.


Well, it’s now November and just over a month since we met up in France. At last, the New Album is finished. Whilst we were in the Dordogne, we managed to get a couple of new songs written although not yet ready to go into the studio. We all had a fantastic time there. The weather was perfect, the food excellent and the company ? Well, couldn’t have  been better.

During October, it was back to the Album. It’s always amazing how much work there is to do. You think that it’s all done, and then something else needs doing. Anyway, it’s now finished and we hope that you like it. It’s been a long time coming. It’s called ” BELIEVING IN DREAMS ”.  We are all very pleased with the result…. Let us know what you think. If there’s anything that you want to know, just get in touch via the ”Contact Page”

All the best from Kev , John and Tony…


Hi Everyone.  At last, we are back. We are really sorry that we  haven’t had enough time to get the website updated on a regular basis. Our problem is that we all have our other personal projects running alongside the ‘WISHFUL THINKING’ one and trying to get it all going smoothly, really is quite difficult. Also, we all live in different parts of the UK and that just doesn’t help.  Are you feeling sorry for us yet ? No we didn’t think you would ( cry ).

Back to reality. We were at the villa in France again in September, and as usual had a fantastic time. We decided to fly after all. Tony and Sue were going to drive because they intended to spend a week near Cannes, but had to change plans at the last minute, so it ended up with  John, Tony, Sue and Teresa flying out from Southampton very early in the morning and meeting Kevin and Eve during the afternoon, as they had to fly from Scotland.

 The Dordogne couldn’t have been better. The weather was fantastic. We always seem to visit at the right time. The food was excellent and we just had to try a bottle or two of the local wine (mmm). The usual lunches out by the pool… Fresh bread and cheeses and another bottle or two of that wine. Beautiful dinners that we put together ourselves and of course another few bottles of that red stuff. What’s it called? Oh yeh ….wine. We spent a full day down on the river Dordogne, which was just  unbelieveable. You can guess what we took with us…….

During the time that we had there, we managed to put a few ideas together for a couple of  new songs. All we have to do now is to find enough time to get together in the studio. Talking about new songs, the album ‘ BELIEVING IN DREAMS ‘,  has been very well received and is selling very well ( double figures next week ). No seriously, it really is doing well and we are very pleased. Thank you very much.

When this site was built, we didn’t realise that the message page was for us as well. we thought it was for you guys to talk to each other but now we know, we will try to answer some of your questions. I think that we have tried to answer all of the emails that we get. If there are any that don’t get answered, just let us know. If we get time in the next few days, Tony is going to put a couple of new pictures on one of the pages. so have a look.

Take care…. Best wishes from Kev, John and Tony.

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